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Zen Tape Hair Extensions On Consultation
Flip In Hair On Consultation
Racoon Hair Extensions       On Consultation

At A’Courts salon we pride ourselves in only carrying the best quality human hair extensions available. Our services include a thorough evaluation from or specialists in suiting you with the most complimenting and natural looking hair that best fits your needs. We are confident that you will leave the salon with the luscious shiny hair you have always dreamed of without the fuss.

Three separate application techniques exist all of which give you natural and expert results. These applications are perfect for adding colour, highlights or lowlights. You can also add length and volume to create a dramatic transformation. Adding texture and definition for shorter hairstyles can create unique styles.
During your initial consultation A’Courts will recommend the most suitable method based on your individual needs.

The Process
Prior to application, you will have a detailed consultation to determine the most suitable hair extensions application process based on your individual needs. This session will also help you explore the multitude of styles, lengths, volumes and colours available, determine the creative look you would like to achieve and decide the amount and type of hair required.
During the consultation you will be asked some personal questions to assess your lifestyle and suitability to extensions. This will answer any questions you may have and help to create your most desired hair.
Once the consultation has finished, the salon will order your hair for a next day delivery and will book your appointment for the application of your hair extensions.

Before you leave the salon you will be provided with a thorough aftercare advice to help you care for, style, protect and prolong the life of your hair extensions. You will also be recommended to set up a maintenance appointment approximately 4 – 10 weeks after application to ensure you are happy with your extensions and to keep them looking their best with regular check-ups at the salon.

Caring for your hair extensions couldn’t be easier. Once applied, you can treat them just like your own hair! The professional and homecare products are designed to protect the bond/tape used to apply the extensions, and with a ph value compatible with hair and skin, they are kind to the scalp.

Brushing your hair gently with a flat-headed bristle brush protects the bond/tape and prevents it becoming damaged.

Zen Tape Hair Extensions
On Consultation
Flip In Hair On Consultation
Racoon Hair Extensions
On Consultation