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Oncology Treatments

Jennifer Young Glowing Facial

As with all Jennifer Young treatments, this relaxing facial is blissfully adapted to bring the glow of health and harmony to even the most sensitive skin. Soothing massage techniques help you drift to a place of rest and relaxation, leaving your skin with a glowing radiance. I will extend the treatment to include the scalp, making the experience even more indulgent.

(60 min)                                                                     £40

Jennifer Young Indulgent Massage

A bespoke massage carefully adapted by us to suit each individual’s needs. Using 100% natural and organic oils, this treatment is ideal for the most sensitive skins. Let the power of touch bring harmony and well-being. You will be feeling deeply relaxed. The experience is extended to include the scalp, ensuring that your massage is pure indulgence.

(60 min)                                                                     £40

Jennifer Young Top to Toe

This top to toe experience includes a gentle full body massage followed by a deeply relaxing facial. It will benefit even the most sensitive skin. I will use 100% natural and organic products, extending the experience to include the scalp.

(75 min)                                                                      £55

Jennifer Young Specialist Manicure

Luxurious peach kernel oil and macadamia oil, combined with specialist knowledge, to give a healing and relaxing manicure. This treatment is designed for damaged nails and sensitive skin. It will bring your nails back to a new level. This nourishing manicure is finished with an application of your favourite colour. Finally, you will be given expert advice on how to improve the condition of your nails.


Jennifer Young Specialist Pedicure

A soothing and nourishing foot balm is massaged into your feet, whilst 100% natural and organic nail oil works its magic into your nails. Finished off with a colour of your choice and enjoy recognising your feet. Finally, you will be given expert advice on how best to look after your feet and nails.


Jennifer Young Balanced Body & Mind

A bespoke massage carefully adapted to suit your individual needs. The experience starts with identifying the chakra to be balanced during this indulgent and soothing full body treatment. Using 100% natural and organic oils blended for their affinity with the energy centres, this treatment is ideal for even the most sensitive skins.

(60min)                                                                       £40

Paraffin Wax Treatment

Your hands and feet will be dipped several times quickly into a small tub of heated paraffin wax. The paraffin is often scented with soothing essential oils.

After several layers are added, the wax will be covered in a plastic bag, wrapped in hot towels and you can relax as the benefits kick in. The wax will trap the heat against your skin as it hardens, opening the pores. Once the wax is completely cooled it will be pulled away.

Some of the benefits from this treatment are:

(45min)                                                                       £20